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10 / 2018

DAY FORTY-FIVE – Eva and Prokop back in Leh

Kargyak Sun School celebrates its 10th anniversary

9 / 2018

Marek Tichy and Kateřina

11 / 2017

Me and Tonda - by: Jan Werner

6 / 2017

Tsomo and Chodon

11 / 2016

Calendar 2017

8 / 2016

Volunteering in Kargyak

7 / 2016

Volunteering Duo Zuzka and Pavlina send a greetings from Leh

Sun School awarded

7 / 2015

Flood in the Valley

4 / 2015

earthquake passed us

3 / 2015

BOOK FEEDING for Sun School

9 / 2014

Another report from the Sun school again written by children

The 33rd KALACHAKRA - Ladakh;seen by our children

5 / 2014

Arrival of Kargyak Postman and Other News from the Battlefield

Sun School in a New Gonchi

1 / 2014

Zanskari Cuisine...how to prepare 'mok ­ mok' dumplings..

12 / 2013

Tsomo: The first Sun School Graduate

On the way Home

10 / 2013

Nail polish healing aid

9 / 2013

“Educated Women Better Future for Us”

8 / 2013

KIDS´ REPORT on a school trip

6 / 2013

Back in Kargyak on the turnaroud

5 / 2013

'Everybody can blossom, even in winter'

Stubborn school keeper

3 / 2013

A “common” dispute between neighbors

'The Journey is long, steep and not easy at all - but you can walk it, and even reach the end.'

2 / 2013

Winter Kargyak crew on the road: Petra and Zuzana coming back to scene

10 / 2012

Party night at school with ladies and a promise of yak droppings from all men in the village to make school warm

8 / 2012

Zanskari  Wedding

5 / 2012

Time of ploughing, sowing, dusting and having a parents meeting visited by a VIP person

4 / 2012

Spring finally came to Kargyak...

2 / 2012

About the connection that costs a lot of effort, about the school that runs perfectly, about Phuktal, fests and footprints that you need to find before snow covers them completely Blanka (Padum 24.2.2012)

Blanka and Libor - the journey to Kargyak

Zuza and Karol - looking back - part 2

old unpublished report: Zuzka and Karolina before they left Kargyak

1 / 2012

Blanka a Libor - leaving for Chadar - frozen river

Blanka a Libor - on the way

12 / 2011

Blanka a Libor - Waiting for Winter

11 / 2011

Report on our satellite phone and a broken instep, on cleaning and repairs at school at the begging of the new school year, on the arrival of a much respected monk, report on the discovery of solar oven and on winter approaching Sun School

10 / 2011

How to solve the situation around the seized satellite phone in India

Satellite phones in declared as threat to national security

First “just ladies” crew is sending greetings from Kargyak

9 / 2011

Respect the Mountains

Greetings to all followers of our Himalayan oddysey

7 / 2011

White Gold of the Himalayas, nomad life, wolfs and snow leopards

6 / 2011

New Kargyak crew: Adam, a guy who travelled a fair bit & David, an experienced trekker arriving from neighbouring Nepal

True report on Education in Zangskar by a local observer (uneditted)

When you run out of toilet paper 4 200 m above see level

5 / 2011

Water scheme, bows & arrows and bonfires in Kargyak

4 / 2011

Good and bad news from Kargyak

3 / 2011

Spring report

2 / 2011

When there's a will there's a way!

Losar, the most important holiday in Tibet

Gratitude to the teachers, holidays and party time :-) WEEKLY report by Ragini Gumpa

Teacher's monthly report

Every Expectation starts with hope

Past lives reports

1 / 2011


Getting ready for Chadar. The sun is shining, there is -20C and I get loads of local food

PF 2011

12 / 2010

Good news from Kargyak

Sun School Pupils and a computer

11 / 2010

Cute letters from Sun School pupils

10 / 2010

I will miss them! Nikol

Himalaya mountains and its people in a NEW 2011 WALL CALENDAR

9 / 2010

A Day of Games

The Winter Is Coming, Slowly But Steadily Getting a Good Feel for Us

8 / 2010

Before harvest and holiday begin

Getting ready for the journey to the Himalayas

After heavy rains

been raining continuously last 14 days

7 / 2010

July is now almost over

Celebration of H.H. the Dalai Lama’s birthday on 6th July 2010

Teachers report

Washing Day

6 / 2010


5 / 2010


Julley from Kargyak!

spring has finally come

The last one - Petra a Radim

3 / 2010

Monthly Reports by teachers Penpa and Tops

Last Kargyak report from the month of February doesn´t come from our pen, but from small pencil rests of our pupils from 4th and 5th classes. I haven´t touched English version too much. So you can fully enjoy a true Kargyak holidays experience together w

teachers reports by Tops and Penpa

Holidays have just started.

2 / 2010

Video by Tiago (5/09 - 9/09)

Part 2 Padum-Kargyak by Petra a Radim

Journey from Leh to Kargyak in less than 80 days :)

Puja and gigs from Kargyak

1 / 2010

How you can fly to Kargyak

Monthly reports (only in English)

12 / 2009

Ladakhi Christmas

Good morning from white Himalaya!

Our kids from Surya Sun School

Full power winter

11 / 2009

short video


10 / 2009

Yaks back in the village

9 / 2009

"Life in Himalayas" - Calendar for 2010

8 / 2009

Last one from Tiago

The first Sun School picnic

After a week of exams

7 / 2009

So far the most intensive week! This is how I would define the last 10 days.

Dalai Lama's Birthday

4 week report

excellent news

2 week report for web

6 / 2009

My first week

Judgement day (Soja biscuits feature)

5 / 2009

Trifles of Kargyak and How Lopi Threw the Cat

4 / 2009

Celebrating the End of Winter

Three windows, wolves, summits!

How toilet swalloved a dog

3 / 2009

A letter from Rangdol

A letter from Lopsang

About the village of Kargyak

Thank you Chris!

The spring is coming

2 / 2009

It has warmed up here a little bit


I'm back in India!

Martin’s Adventures - Swimming in the Avalanche? “No problem!”

1 / 2009

The Year of Bull

Tsampa Claus - holiday in zanskarien style

A Closing Word from Martin - a former teacher in the Sun School

I truly thank you all!

12 / 2008

Letters from teachers

Christmas Time

Another week passed - time is rushing away (like yaks for the pasture)...

A Snow Leopard

Winter fun

11 / 2008


Hi to all subscribers of “Kargyak Times”

The Hike

Hi to all subscribers of “Kargyak Times”

10 / 2008

The Climb

First weeks of teaching in our new school building

Finally, mission accomplished!

The school construction is finished!!!

9 / 2008

116 days

8 / 2008

Kamzang? Greetings from Kargyak!

There we go… news from Kargyak again!

A Himalayan Village Uniting the Planet

Buying sheep in the Himalayas isn’t easy!

Positive news

7 / 2008

Finally in Kargyak

People are coming and leaving but some are staying luckily

The Games

6 / 2008

It has been four weeks since we started teaching...

Motivation letter from Tennam

The Team Is Growing

Kargyak news

First week in Kargyak

Journey to mountains and first days in Kargyak

5 / 2008

Manali news

The first volunteers are about to depart

4 / 2008

Transport of Adobe bircks

3 / 2008

Do you want to see a drawigs of regular house or Gompa in Kargyak?

Animation of the Sun School in Kargyak

Expedition NY-Alesund & Project Kilometers for Kargyak

2 / 2008

Tashi delek, Julley and Ahoj!

1 / 2008

The journey to the making of our school.

10 / 2007

The School Over The Winter

9 / 2007

Harvest time

8 / 2007

Summer months in Kargyak

5 / 2007

Malšovice Primary School is a partner of the Sun School in Kargyak

4 / 2007

Kargyak is expecting school, team Surya is back home

3 / 2007

The Surya Team on the edge after finishing its mission

Many thanks for the "Kennedy's Children" fund raising performance held in A Rubin Studio

Himalayan rivers have frozen - the Surya Team sets off across the Chadar

Team Surya is struggling with himalayan winter

2 / 2007

Sun school for a village in Himalayas

10 / 2006

Leaving Kargyak

A School for Kargyak: We're Building a Greenhouse

Passive school building in the Himalayas

9 / 2006

Our last day in Padum

8 / 2006

A New School for a Himalayan Village

7 / 2006

About Kargyak