The School Over The Winter

Regarding the winter school, we have four teachers so far in the village and all of them have their subjects to be taught. The kids are enrolled into three different classes according to the age level. Kindergarten stage - 1 and 2. Another six kids attaining ages 8,9,10 and 11 in one class.Daily routine of the school is from 10 am until 4 pm. Having 5 periods in row with 15 minutes break between each period. One hour for lunch recess. A period’s strength is 45 minutes.

To enjoy a joyful learning, we have set up several activities based learning. Namely, Gardening, sewing, weaving, drawings, physical education, songs etc. We knew that gradually the kids are enjoying and learning very fast. Subjects to be taught are;

Bodyig- (local mother tongue language, originally a Tibetan Script).The language they speak is called Zanskari. Which in reality is deteriorating in the present condition and getting mixed up with the other languages. The vocabulary they have is limited and short. On the other hand, it is not the truth. The Tibetan script has rich vocabulary, and proper grammar if one knows it well and knew it thoroughly. Mr.Tenzin Lodoe (a monk) from Kuru Village who studied in the renowned Tibetan institute of language will be teaching the same. He is also keen and looking forward to improve the standard of this language, which is very important. Since they speak this language, they pray in this language (Buddhism) and so on. One of our prime motives to build a school is to teach them the real and sound language, which they call as their mother-tongue language (Zanskari).

English- Living in India and speaking a unique language is not enough, they really needed to learn English, as it is the official language and the language that every one in this world has to know to mingle with other ethnics and proceed on in their life. Miss Blanka shall help the other teachers in this subject.

Hindi- Being a citizen of India, the kids should learn Hindi (Pali), which is commonly spoken in majority of the states in India. Three of the teachers knew this language and will put their efforts in introducing this new language to the kid.

Urdu-As long as the area comes under the patronage-ministry of Jammu and Kashmir whose official language is Urdu. Very few among the local people know this language. Some one should know this language if the same is employed in the state government. We are looking forward to see the needs, whether the kids in Kargyak should learn and how. The latest rumours in the streets of Padum are that the official language of J&K will change from Urdu to English. How far it will or it might be, we shall see and hope for the best in the nearest future.

General Science, Social science, Mathematics are the other majors to be taught over this winter. Everybody is hoping for the best and also preparing for the worst as the winter in Himalaya is something really challenging. Teachers, children and the committee are preparing the conditions and so on.We all pray that the children and the teachers will be fortunate enough to begin this benevolent noble task.

The Sun School Project in the heights and amidst of Himalaya, took its birth from the efforts and wills of numerous people. The challenging people from Civic Association Surya, the sponsors, the villagers and the volunteers who came all the way to the village and did their every bits and bites of the project’s needs to do with utmost care and efforts, are highly appreciable.

Our warmest and heartiest thanks go to our sponsors who took this purposeful project as a humanitarian effort in helping the people up there in the mountains. Our ample of thankfulness also goes to the young, energetic and encouraging number of volunteers from Europe (Czechs, Russians, Swiss, Polish, Belgian, French), Australian, Americans (HHE) and many more who were in Kargyak this year. All of them kept their patience and held their heads high even in the worst of time. Their helping hands and the cheerful moods were the pillars of our team spirit, which we concreted in the hearts of the much uncivilized people in Lungnak Valley as a whole.

On behalf of the Village Committee Kargyak, The Women Association Kargyak and the dearful and learning kids of Kargyak and nearby villages, we wish the interpreters many Julleys and Tashi deleks.

The mothers and the Nomad Girls are sending their wishes to the volunteers in helping them in the fields (harvest of barley and peas), in the house, churning of milk to make curd, etc. The old ones in Kargyak are sending their blessings and talked much to us about how fortunate they feel to be blessed to have a school plus a lot more helps from the Team Surya. They cherish all the great helps the team did. They really count on us (team Surya) that their young ones shall have a brighter future.

Their area is developing drastically and fruitfully comparing to the past two years and we are sure that the children of that area would help themselves in becoming something, doing something productive and try to change in good ways before the culture dissolves in the vast of this changing world that we all live in together.

Lastly but not the least, on behalf of the all villagers and the children of The Sun School-kargyak, we would like to wish Mr.Jirka Kudrna a very quick recovery and also cherish his helping hands to this project.

6thOctober.2007 Tashi Delek,


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