Free positions at Surya

We are looking for volunteers to teach at a new-built school in the village of Kargyak, in an outlying region of the Indian Himalayas from May, September and January. Minimum length of stay is 5 months

Our volunteer must fulfil most of the following requirements:
  • Teaching talent and experience of work with children
  • Organisational skills and projects experiences
  • Good English language skills
  • Sufficient computer skills concerning reinstallation and administration of the computer knowledge of basic administration
  • Skills to repair the local solar power plant
  • Self-activity and psychological resistance
  • Good health and physical condition
  • Abilities for long-term stay in high mountains
  • First aid course (rescuer, nurse etc.)
  • Previous experience of staying in developing countries is a great advantage
If you are interested, please send us your CV and the letter of motivation (why you want to take part in our project) to our email address We will contact you with details about the next meeting.