1. Financial support

You can support the Sun School project by sending your donation to the Surya Civic Association account:
Občanské sdružení Surya
Account number: 208036504 / 0300 CZK
IBAN: CZ3603000000000208036504
Company ID (IČO): 27033473

For download: Deed of donation (PDF file format)

The Surya Civic Association is a registered NPO permitted to receive tax-deductible donations under Act No. 117/2001. A receipt for your tax-deduction detailing your contribution is immediately sent to you following your donation.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact: Lucie Hořčičková, phone: 606 821 985, e-mail:

We also offer professionally organized excursions to Kargyak for our sponsors. The excursion begins with a guided trip to the Kargyak village the Indian Himalayas. Once there, a tour of the Sun School is given by its architect showcasing its passive solar design and other sustainable strategies in these harsh conditions. The program of the trip will be further tailored to the client’s needs. The excursion is recognized as an operating expense for companies operating within the environmental engineering sector and related fields.

If you wish, we would gladly add your company’s name to our list of sponsors.

The financial support collected at the Surya Civic Association account will only be used to finance the construction of the building, school equipment, teaching materials, and teachers' salaries.

2. Financial support - PayPal

You can donate by clicking the Donate link in the following table.

Amount PayPal
€ 500
€ 180
€ 70
€ 30
€ 12
€ 5
Amount PayPal
$ 500
$ 180
$ 70
$ 30
$ 12
$ 5

3. Sponsor a child in Kargyak School

The Sun School is running since September 2008. You can support individual students by covering part of the cost of their teaching aids and classroom equipment. The annual cost of support calculated per student is CZK 8900 (= $ 450). This donation will significantly improve each Kargyak child’s future.