Tashi delek, Julley and Ahoj!

On behalf of the children, parents and well wishers of the Sun School project which is helping high in the Himalaya, I would like to extend our heartiest julleys and thankfulness to all the kind people, sponsors and every each one of them who had thought about helping these people. Without their noble support no good things could be done so far.

Till now the project has somehow grown, for better for worst it has become alive of some people and it shall be as long as there is the spirit. The people there in Zanskar have many expectations that the young people from Czech will come to there place like a friend and improve their livelihood, by helping their children in giving education, not just in words in books but also on how they can improve their lifestyle, how one civilized man or woman should live and breed.

To the question on how this project should improve, I believe that as long as there is support from the Czech friends there is improvement. The young crews, who came all the way from Czech this year to Kargyak, had left a deep impression in hearts of the people up there. They really really treasure their helping hands and they are really amazed in thinking that such things can happen in their life. They really believe that the god is here in the world and he is living in the hearts of the people like them. The Buddhist philosophy of Karma is rotating and it shall rotate to these kind people anyhow.

On one side I truly believe that to make an improvement, we need to adjoin more young Zanskaris. I strongly have faith that there are some youngsters who like to work in this project. Only thing is that some one has to initiate. On the bottom line, young ones from Zanskar have to carry on this school further and further.

On how the system of the school should work can be discussed further. In my opinion, I think that the one which Honza has ideated on the European school type. I think that this system of school is very new in Zanskar but it doesn’t mean that it should not work there. I guess it will work tremendously if we guide the teachers on how. For the winter school we did the same and we shall see its result.

Suppose in a day, a child wakes up, goes for a morning walk to the river and also fetch some water. Goes back to hoe; have some barley soup and some others. Then goes to the sun and washes. By the 10 am, he or she is ready for the school. If we make a home task that each child should read at least 10 to 15 pages every morning then in a month he or she can read a thin book easily. I guess that these children are born in the feet of mountain and most of them will really work hard, perfect for the all round language development. Speaking, reading pronunciation and so on. I guess that our school needs ideas as such. Because the children up there will really do what ever we recommend. As long as our motives are benefiting to their life, then why not new ideas. Lastly but not the least, I think that the young boy from Sking village namely, Stanzin Choetak, wants to do something. He is educated, young and enthusiastic about the project. I think for the project he is very good and helpful. In motivation, in teaching and in promotion he can be much much better.

Wishing you all a very prosperous life and pray that the project that well start shall rise like Phoenix.

Truly Tennam

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