Washing Day

Finally it stopped snowing and the spring is here! It was Saturday 19th of June and at Sun School we announced “Washing Day”. Children had an opportunity to wash their hair instead of sitting through the last lesson. The chidlren's usual morning hygiene consists of brushing their teeth and washing their hands. I introduced obligatory hand washing after tooth brushing last week because the children have very dirty hands.

On Saturday morning I had mixed sufficient amount of perfumed shampoo, prepared bath towels and we started. Washing met with great response. Some children even washed their hair five times because in Kargyak perfumed shampoo is a luxury item and children enjoyed it very much. Then the older girls came to me with their new idea of washing their necks as well and this idea brought new enthusiasm. We had brought flower-scented soap and started a new round full of soap and fun.Children from K.G. (Kindergarten) were in no hurry to wash their hair and necks with cold water; I had to set an example together with Dhawot. He is a very nice and clever boy from K.G. who was not that difficult to win over. In the end K.G. found washing very enjoyable and eventually I washed the whole K.G.'s hair  - except for the smallest kid, two and a half years old Jolden, who got a bit of a hysterical fit and was the only kid to leave for home wihtout the elusive smell of shampoo and flowers. Children left saying that the Washing Day was “very very good.” Wahsing Day turned out to be a success and we will repeat the event next month.


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