Teachers report

1.05.2010- 31.06.2010, Date of reporting: 31.06.2010 Subject Teacher: Penpa Subject: Math and Bhodhik

In the month of May, I taught them so many topics related to subjects as well as related to sports, conduct and Buddhism.
We took second test, which is called unit two tests, and all most all the kids did a very good job. We also distributed the prizes for the individual position holders.

To the class first, I taught addition and subtraction by using numbers ones and tens. And in bhodhik, I taught them how to make words, how to read it and how to make sentences.

In class two, I taught addition, subtraction and multiplication by using different numbers and different methods. And multiplication tables till four. From bhodhik textbook, I taught them name of the flowers, important tips of grammar, how to make sentences, new words and handwriting.

In class three, I taught division by using ones, tens and hundred. From bhodhik textbook I taught them six chapters and which are related to grammar, short moral stories and how to write application. And I also taught how to write proper handwriting as its very important in bhodhik language.

In class four, I taught one chapter from their mathematics textbook and I noticed that for them present textbook is quite difficult to understand. So I had to teach them very slow. From bhodhik I taught them few chapters from their textbook and which included moral stories and history of Tibet and ladhak. And I also taught them some bhuddhism instructions and I tired my best to improve their handwriting.

In class five, I taught them one chapter from their mathematics textbook, which is related to finding the areas of squares, rectangle and triangle. All students in class five they knew how to find above areas very well. From their bhodhik textbook, I taught them few chapters, which are mostly related to grammar. For their level such chapters are quite difficult to understand. But good thing is they all are trying their best to learn.

In the particular month, few periods I used for shared some interesting moral stories and they all were like to hear such stories and such things are refreshment for them also.

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