DATED:11th JUNE 2010. BY: TENYIN YIGA.    Like last year, this year also students were taken for a school picnic. but this year kids were taken for picnic near the sacred mountain called the gonporangjung which the locals believed that there on the mountain they can see an image of the future buddha.

we started our picnic on 2nd june, early morning we collected all the things that we need for the picnic and loaded them on three horses and start our long walk. it was about three to four hour walk from the village. some teachers went ahead and some much behind to check if all the kids are on the right track or not. with the big kids, they have no problem with walking while some small kids do have little problem. somehow, we reached our spot at around noon. for undertaking such kind of picnic we have some objectives. 1: since, most of the kids didn,t went out of the village for many years, it will be a nice experience for them to visit some new places. 2: since there was a big religious ceremony going on at the sacred mountain, it will be a nice experience for the kids to see and learn how the monks perform such rituals. 3: since, the school run for whole twelve months, it will be a great rest for the kids where they can be completely free to do what they wished. 4: lastly about awareness, which is not that related since they are at the same landscape.  So, with these objective we went to the school picnic. when we reached the spot we put our school tents there, kids were let to play their games. they danced and played a lot. foods were prepared by a teacher and i hope kids like it. after serving them their dinner they were made to sleep. next morning after breakfast as always kids were busy with their games, and after lunch we started our walk towards village. when we asked about picnic to the kids, they inform us that they liked it very much and they are asking for one more extra day, but what to do, they got to attend the classes next day.

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