The first volunteers are about to depart


Spring is coming not only here but also in Kargyak, Ladakh. The snow is melting and temperatures are slowly becoming more pleasant. The first volunteers are about to depart to continue the process of building the school and preparing regular classes for local children.

At the end of April will Marketa and Lada depart for their 6 months stay in India. It will be very important period because, if everything goes well, the school will be ready at the end of summer and Lada and Marketa will be then followed by another pair of teachers to ensure year round education for the local children.

Preparations for the journey are reaching its peak now but there always seem to be new things to be arranged and new information to be found out. If we leave aside such trivial things such as vaccination or arranging insurance for various hiccups which can be encountered along the way, the main task is to prepare well for the oncoming lessons. It is not an easy task as the education we know from our country is not always transferable to the conditions in Ladakh. The main challenge, of course, is that Czech is not exactly similar to the language spoken in Ladakh. That’s why will the Czech teachers be concentrating mainly on teaching English while the other subjects will be taught by local teachers. It is necessary to develop an interactive system of education in which the children will be able to use their natural playfulness, imagination and curiosity. There are various entertaining activities and teaching aids for interactive teaching which could, together with the teachers´ imagination, work well. Keep your fingers crossed!

Written by Kamila, translated by Milada

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