been raining continuously last 14 days

Many greetings from Himalayas Mountains! We can’t say that we are situated in driest part of Himalaya. It had been raining continuously last 14 days. This summer is in the sign of rain. For all that, we can welcome the sun today. It has won fight with clouds and now is shining and drying our wet stuff around school.

We successfully passed this rain period and same we can say about the school. Soil roof hold rain water outside of the school. Villagers can’t tell the same about their roofs. Some of them has mud inside of the rooms. But it’s an ill wind (that blows nobody any good). Wetness helps to growing local farming product. The villagers should start with harvest next week.    
We prepared to schoolchild one of the unpopular activity, which you can’t evade in any school. We checked their knowledge from last two months. All classes, except for nursery class, passed tests from main subject such as Math, English, Urdu, Bhodi, Hindy, Social Studies and General Science. You could see thoughtful faces of kids from morning until late afternoon. They were repeating their subject matter till last minute before the test. Nervousness had gone and we had seen smile coming back on kid’s faces at late afternoon. After few days, this smile was bigger because of good results. Three best students in each class were rewarded for their efforts. 
When it comes to work outside of teaching, we have managed to plant the trees on the terraces bellow the school. Between two showers, we put the roots of young trees in the ground. Now we can just wait and see if it will grows up or not. That’s sure that we don’t have problem with watering.  

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