Getting ready for the journey to the Himalayas

Report No. 1: We are Lucie, Štěpán and Tomáš and before long we will take Nikol and Štěpán’s place in Kargyak – this should happen by 20th September. Now we are still in the Czech Republic,...

Now we are still in the Czech Republic, taking care of all the things that need to be done before we go: visas, insurance, vaccinations, proper footwear, warm clothes, we are  putting together lists of food supplies, teaching materials for kids, medical supplies…) and we are hoping that we won’t forget about anything important.


Štěpán is leaving for India in a few days, on 4th September. He is flying to Delhi, where he’ll pick up supplies at the Czech embassy, which was left there by our kind donors, and from there he will be heading to Manali by bus. In Manali he will do shopping for everything possible for the school, for us, as well as for the couple who will come to replace us in Sun School in January. He has to do all this until 10th or 11th September, which is when we should get to Manali. Then we will all drive together (by hired jeep) as far as possible, which means to Darcha, Palamo, or Zanskar Sumdo, who knows. Simply put, we will drive as far as the newly built road goes. Once there, we will stay around for two or three days to allow for acclimatization. After that, we will trek on foot, with horses carrying all the supplies, for several days over the Shingo La pass (5091 m) all the way to the village, where we hope to meet Nikol, Štěpán, the children and the school.


We are frightened and excited at the same time. But we are really excited.

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