Motivation letter from Tennam

Tennam our project officer in India send us a motivation letter. Here it is:

“Education is a liberating force cutting across the barriers of caste, creed, color and sex.” - Mrs Indira Gandhi(former Late Indian former prime minister.)

Om Ara Patsa Naditiiiii! Children reciting the mantra of the lord Manjushri ( lord of wisdom) in the morning assembly outside the class room. The Tibetan Teacher stands beside the queue and curb the little ones who mispronounce the words and teach them how to be a nice human being. Compared to the last year, the things have changed drastically in appositive way and the air of progress is seen clearly regarding the education of kids here in Kargyak. This summer the school is efficiently run by four teachers who will ensure full round teachings in three languages namely, English, Bodyig and Hindi. Rests of the subjects are mathematics, general science, social science, general knowledge etc. The happiest thing to witness is the growing strength of the kids understanding power, compared to the previous year. Many of them can finally differentiate the two local language Hindi and Bodyig which am of them thinks its same. The strength of the school being small has around 33 kids who are grouped into four classes. nursery, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarten and finally the grade 1st.

“We don’t look on quantity, what we strive for is the quality!” That is what Honza (chairman-CAS) tries all the time to persuade the teachers in keeping in mind the quality of the teaching.

The very idea of constructing a private school here is to give a chance to the numerous kids here that lacked the access to a sound education. Contrast to the government school, here we have classes where the tactics of teachings are developed according to the capacity and the understanding power of the kids. We have here limited class but thorough and well functioned classes. Here we have only five major periods in row which is less compared to the local government schools. The classes are separated with fifteen minutes break. Apart from imparting knowledge from the books, we teach them here about hygiene, cleanliness and most importantly on how important it is to be good human being. Teachers, volunteers who wanted to join hands are highly appreciated and we are looking forward to have yours kind cooperation in this noble task of giving education to these kids who are lost in this far flung area with difficult terrain and remoteness of region. We the teachers, the team Surya and the local villagers welcome you in your participation in this philanthropic purpose aiming to bring development in good ways.

If there is will, there is a way!


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