The Games


The construction of the Sun School progressed a lot last week again, because Honza and Peter put the chainsaw in work and cut three pillars, which will go into foundations. In addition to this Peter is preparing a system which will hold the ceiling beams so that we could install the roof as soon as possible. Equally significant is the news about the arrival of the stone crashers, because the lack of stones even resulted in one-day long unpaid vacation for our employees. Actually as far as they are concerned the last week was rich in terms of events. One of the workers got a very nasty infection into his right hand. The situation has deteriorated to such extent that he couldn't feel the tips of his fingers on the extremely swollen hand. Hence we have swiftly arranged a transport to hospital in Manali and Honza injected him a dose of strong antibiotics. Luckily they took an effect, the swelling got smaller and he decided to stay in Kargyak.

In the community room, or more precisely a shed, we held a meeting with parents of our pupils. They turned up in great numbers in order to find out about their children's progress and also about the school construction. On this occasion we have also handed over the letters from sponsors to the respective families. It pleased both children and parents a lot as it allows them to learn something interesting about life in the Czech Republic. Therefore, dear sponsors, please keep on writing. Believe that it makes someone very happy over here.


One of the key points of our gathering was a reminder of the importance of a regular school attendance. They seem to have taken it seriously since this week we had no absentees apart from Stenzin Wozer. He is right now on the way to Manali with his father, from where he will continue his journey along with Pyru, our volunteer, and Pema Lamo, our Hindi teacher to Delhi. There he should get a plastic surgery in order to alleviate his burns. You can find more information about his fate and our effort here (insert hyperlink).

On the occasion of HH Dalajlama's birthday, the Surya team has prepared a treasure hunt for our pupils. The event started on Friday in the afternoon and was followed by a well deserved three-day long holidays. Immediately after lunch the kids gathered in the local Gompa (sort of church for Buddhists), where Tennam`s brief lecture about His Holiness 14th Dalajlama was followed by a prayer. After that the children split up into seven groups and the adventure could begin. Every single group had to follow a red-striped route ending at 1,5 kilometres distant playground. But it was not that easy, they also had to pass six different posts, where we were checking their abilities such as English, Maths, etc. In spite of some minor mistakes we can proudly say that we have taught them something. At the playground they have put together all pieces of puzzle - a map and set off after the treasure. To be honest there are not many things better then seeing a bunch of children victoriously discovering a treasure and then with wide smiles running back to us. In the treasure there was something for everyone; some candies, chewing gums, pens and stickers. We found the event very successful and will hold it again. It was worth it by all means.

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