Getting ready for Chadar. The sun is shining, there is -20C and I get loads of local food

Greetings from Leh! Hi, my name is Petra and if everything will go by the plan, I will replace Stepan, Lucy and Tom in sun school in Kargyak (I guess it will be in next 14 days). My friend Martin is coming in 2 weeks, so we will be two in school.

My journey to India started 31st December so I celebrated the New Year´s Eve on a plane. My stay here was adventurous from the beginning - a friend of
Sun school, Sonam, who was supposed to wait for me at the airport made a
mistake in the date, so I had to had to get to his place in the middle
of the night with a taxi driver, who hardly knew where we were
going. Local transport was the first striking thing to me -
even at two o´clock in the morning roads are full of various types of
vehicles, drivers blow their horns all the time, they go from
one side of road to the other...looks like anarchy:)...but in the end Sonam and
I met and everything was alright so I spent a nice day in
Majnuka Tilla, in Tibetian community (north of Delhi).
Next day I took a plane to Leh - we flew over Himalaya mountain
covered with snow. You should have seen the beauty!
Guides, Tashi and Jigmed, were waiting for me on the airport, when the
right time comes we will hike to the school - on the frozen
river, which locals call Chadar.
Now I am staying with them in a small house not far from the main bazaar
in Leh. The sun is shining, it is around 20 C bellow zero and all
the mountains around are covered with snow and praying flags. It is so charming!
I am still acclimating myself, the guys (I am staying with)
prepare loads of local dishes for me (they keep saying I have to get strong
for the journey along Chadar). I need to wait when the right time comes and the river freezes properly to start my journey to Sun School in Kargyak. Julley, Petra

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