Every Expectation starts with hope

Education plays an important role in everyone life. My report is about finishing of this school's year or how students have done their better final exams and my interaction with pema or managing members. (...)

Exams plays an important role in everyone life. With the help of exams, every student achieves its goal, destiny or aim. In kargyak school,final exams of october may go good due to better performance of each and every student in each and every subject just like--mathematics,english,Science,Hindi,Social-science,Bodhi. Teachers also do much more labour with these students to improve their learning method, do more practice in every subject. Students also understand the importance of education. Here, in this school, Movies, cd or Games also become a part of student-life. Every teacher prepares good result of these students. sir-stephen, Thomas, lusca these three managing bodies declare that school may closed for ten days.i.e from twenty-third oct. to thirty-firstoct. school re-opens at third of november with good spirit. My interaction with pema or other managing members is quite good, fabulous,or just friendly terms. So, now in our school vacations start from tommorow and we will see each other on the third of november.    



Ragini Gupta

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