Gratitude to the teachers, holidays and party time :-) WEEKLY report by Ragini Gumpa

THIS IS MY WEEKLY report which I submit to sir-stepan. This report consist of following events: · 10 days vacation · result Announcement · PARTY OF MUMS AT NURBOO


10-Days vacation

These vacation may spent with great charm, peaceful manners. I spent these vacations with reading and go to girl´s party. That party includes old-aged mothers, girls, women and small childrens. In these vacations I invite sir Stepan, Thomas and Lucka to my room. The main thing I give respect to sir Stepan very much. Because at every conversation he uses word "superb" that I like very much. He encourage each and every person. I also like Thomas and Lucka because they are simple, gentle or much more cooperative. I also go to Pema´s house for time-pass because we have good understanding. I feel in myself much more lucky because nice people comes in my life.


Result announcement

Result announcement creates happiness, hazard in each and every child. Before declaration of result, we decide that we give intimation to all mothers of the Kargyak village. We announce result at 3rd of November. Tea arrangement is also good for mothers. The main thing which I like is good hospitability of our three school members toward parents. Every student has done its good performance in each and every subject with position. A cute smile appears on every mother.


Party of mums at Nurbu´s house

Actually, this long day party is for finishing work and mothers may relax from field-work, atc. So, these make a good party. All women help each other in cleaning utensils, preparing food, serving etc. Overall, culture is quite nice. Serving chaang also become popular in every party.


Ragini Gumpa


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