Positive news

The beginning of this week was in the name of positive news. After finishing of the calculations of our handsome engineer Peter we were able to stop brick making activities and focus on brick shaping and pyramids building. These pyramids allow us to dry bricks faster.

The second positive message of this week is the arrival of the group of volunteers Eva, Bára, Petra, Tereza, Míša and Petr from Manali. But even we are very happy of new friends and incoming stock, the fact is that our kitchen is getting smaller for such big number of people.

The third good new is that thanks the increasing number of participating young people we do not have to wash the dishes that often, because there are more people for dish washing service. Even we enjoy the presence of many new-comers, we also miss the presence of our friends and handsome helpers Ian and Martin from Switzerland and Jindra and Petr from Czech Republic, who left our project this week. Especially we do miss Martins sense of humor and his special relation and understanding for local people.

Back to the goal of our project which is the construction of the school. Thanks the finished brick-making we were able to begin with the transport of dry bricks from the river lowland to the construction site. The bricks, which are about 25 kg each, are carried by local „trucks“, which are cow like animals called yak. Yak is huge and strong animal, which can carry about six bricks but which is also very shy. Thanks to these animals we will be able to transport all bricks within few days. This week the construction activities also proceeded by inserting of wooden pillars into the buildings fundaments. We have continued with stone shaping and walls building and after the recievement of wooden parts for windows and doors, we have begun to shape and paint them.

For this weekend we plan to enrich our daily cuisine by purchasing a sheep from doksa. This is going to be a big event of our days and we all look forward to it. We hope that by this we will enjoy diverse tasty and nutritious food.

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