Kamzang? Greetings from Kargyak!

Last week we sent Stepan and Lenka to do some shopping in Padum. They set off with one horseman, the other one was meant to leave the day after. However, because it´s the harvest time, he considered that he would better stay and cut grass. Stepan and Lenka did all the shopping and soon found out that the horses would not arrive. In Padum everyone was busy with the grasscutting, too.

Fortunately, they met a local horseman who agreed to get all the stuff to Kargyak in condition that they make it instead of in three days in two days, only. That was the deal and so they had to walk for 10 hours a day, but they did manage and now the stock room doesn´t feel as empty as before. All the respect to the horsemen whom we hired to carry the door for the new school, as they carried it themselves, because it´s too big to be placed onto the horses´ back! Well, we can boust with the bread which we make. The solar-owen works perfectly and the bread could compete with any backery back at home. Bravo to the kitchen!

The construction is going well. Two stone-craschers and 3 workers have left. Jana and Pyru are also getting ready to leave for a trek. In the school everything is fine. A bit of surprise for the teachers was a 3 years old girl found behind a stone ready to lit a beedee cig. The barley has turned yellow, the peaks of the mountains have turned white, the harvest time has arrived and the villagers are slowly getting ready for the winter. Speak to you soon again!

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