Blanka a Libor - Waiting for Winter

In winters swallows usually head off for warmth to south, not so us. We are looking for winter as cold as it gets. Without temperatures deep below zero degrees it won't be possible for Zanskar river to freeze and open the frozen path to The Solar School in Kargyak, where we are to take our turn and relieve Karol and Zuzka.

The tourist guide description of the river is simple: Hiking on the frozen river of Zanskar is the ultimate experience for true adventurists. For us it's a necessity. It's the only way how to get us, sherpas and all our equipment to distant Kargyak and reach The Solar School in winter.

We are two volunteers – Blanka and Libor – who decided to work in The Solar School for the first half of 2012 year. We have already spent several month in preparations putting together everything that we will need.

 We also organized a fund rising project - The Solar Tour - to support the school. We found a lot of people willing to help and donate their skills, products and money. We were given several kilograms of czech beads and strings for the pupils at the school (Thank you, Monika). A company from Brno – Nanospol – donated  tailor-made clothing that will keep us warm and dry even in temperatures around -40°C. We are thankful to ESOTravel the travel agency for all their help with booking our flights and to the doctors from Olomouc for their financial support.

 Many thanks go to our families, friends and all the good people who support us on this journey and The Solar School project in general. This wouldn't be possible without all of you.

 We are leaving on 29th of December 2011 and the new year will start for us 3500 meters above the sea level in a city of Leh in province Ledakh in Himalaya. Our first job there will be dealing with local authorities and trying to secure the satellite phone that the authorities confiscated last year. The satellite phone is the only effective means of connection between the school and the rest of the world. Without it the connection is very limited. We will also need to buy some provisions and hire sherpas. As soon as the ice on the river is strong enough we will set out on the frozen journey to Kargyak where we should arrive in the middle of January.

 Bon voyage!

Blanka a Libor

(foto: Blanka 2008)

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