Blanka a Libor - on the way

We arrived To Leh at the altitude of 3500 m above sea level one day before the last day of the year at 1pm. Dense fog in Delhi delayed our flight for five hours. The reward for being patient was a magnificent view at towering Himalayan tops from the plane. It was possible to see eight thousand meters high wall of Gasherbrum in distance with hidden pyramid of K2. behind. Leh and its surroundings in Indus valley was lit by sunshine. There was no snow surprisingly. Zanskar river is still flowing river. Winter here is really warm this year. This fact forced us to change our plans. It is possible to drive by 4-wheel drive car to Padum over Kargil and it is only two days trek to Kargyak over frozen river from that spot. Once headache and nausea from high altitude fades, we will buy supplies , try to get second line to the village for satelite phone and internet connection [the application must be signed by village mayor, so further bureaucracy in Leh must undergo girls after they return from Kargyak] and we will start our journey up to the mountains.

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