Time of ploughing, sowing, dusting and having a parents meeting visited by a VIP person

Spring sun quickly melt down winter snow from Himalayan giants above Kargyak and vilagers began to irrigate their fields- time of ploughing and sowing just came. We started with big cleaning at school and its surroundings. Children collected trash, removed stones, broomed, wiped dust, sorted and assiduously trired to make their school more beautiful. Now they have their heads full of the tests, which they will write under supervision of goverment teachers in the middle of May.

During one of our Sunday trips we have visited school in the vilage of Thangse. Schooling in this school is supported by French organization, which aims to bring education to local children like that Surya. We have met local teachers and view school building, to which was attached glassed in corridor according to design of Sun school.

Some of mountain passes slightly opened thieir gates and through the village started to walk first groups of people returning from winter residence in warm regions of India. Counsellor Tenzing Norbu from near village of Shanka showed up, too. This VIP person is well-liked in this region and has great respect. During our visit at his house, he accepted out invitation to our school in Karygak for parents meeting and discussion about the future of education at the Sun school. Parents meeting took part on April 23., presence of parents and some villagers from Kargyak and Skying was very high. At the meeeting took part Surya teachers, 2 volunteers and 2 goverment teachers (they arrived at the beginning of April), too.

The disicusion was very moiling, villagers again laied a claim to Surya, which provides and guarantees all year round high-guality education from kindergarten up to fifth class, to substitute work of goverment teachers (whose responsibility is to teach children eight months per year) and provide all year round education up to eight class. The fact of the matter is, that stay of goverment teachers in Kargyak in the past was reduced only for the time when was the term of goverment tests. Together with counselor we managed to convince villagers that their own responsibility is to take care in order to  goverment teachers do work they are paid by goverment for.

At the end of the meeting the counselor in his name and in the name of the villagers acknowledged his thanks for the work which Surya makes for local children and promised to provide his support to the Sun School.

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