Winter Kargyak crew on the road: Petra and Zuzana coming back to scene

In Surya civic association, January is a relatively demanding period: A couple of volunteers in Kargyak is slowly slowly completing their mission at school and is getting ready to hand over the imaginary dripstone to another crew, while these two are in the course of intensive preparations for the winter trek into the heart of the Himalayas – a challenging journey on the frozen river Zanskar that should lead two new volunteering teachers to the very end of the Zanskar valley where they should settle for further five months or so. Why is Surya winter season exceptional this year? (...)

Because of the crew itself! After three months and a bit, Petra and Zuzana, the girls that were taking care of the school and Kargyak children in summer, are coming back to Kargyak. They have fallen in love with Kargyak, school and everything so much that they have decided to come back to the mountains, experience the harsh winter period and welcome spring in the Himalayas. They are setting out on the chadar trek from Leh on January 16, and hopefully they meet Kacka and Jiri in ten, fourteen days.

The girls greet all their loved ones, all sponsors of Kargyak children, all Surya fans and supporters, and refreshed and full of enthusiasm jump (carefully) on the ice! Tashi delek!

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