The 33rd KALACHAKRA - Ladakh;seen by our children

Kalachakra is Dalailamaś teaching for all Buddhists. Kalachakra 2014 was held in Leh and it was for the word peace. There were many visitors and also many tourists. The total number is estimated at 120 000 people. It lasted 10 days. It started on 4th July and finished on 14th July.

Me and all my family, we also visited this event. We set off on 4th July from our village. I packed my gonche, which is a traditonal Ladakhi dress, than I also packed butter, cheese and tsampa. The first day we reached the village of Testa. The following day we carried on to Amnu, the beginning of the road. There we took a bus which brought us to Padum.

One night we stayed in Padum and the next day we took a bus to Kargil. The journey was very long but very beautiful. We saw many beautiful mountains, different villages, glaciers and we crossed Pensila Pass. Than we stayed overnight in Kargil. The town was very different. There were  many Muslims. I visisted the main market and I saw many different shops. I bought a mango there. The next day we went to Leh. It was also a long journey.

After arriving in Leh, we visited our sister. We realized that her house was far away from the venue and we decided to move to a ten which was put up in a tent town. Then we went to a playground. The following day the Kalachakra started and HH Dalailama came to the venue. The teaching started at 7oćlock and finished at 12oćlock at noon.

Then we went to a tent and drank tea and me and my sister we went to a market. In the evening we went to a rock show. This show was very beautiful.

When Kalachakra finished, we went back home. From Leh we left at 2oćlock and we were heading to Sarchu. We reached there at 11oćlock and we had dinner there at our uncleś hotel. In the morning, after waking up, it was raining so we stayed there one day. The following day we set off and the night we spent in the mountains. And the third day we came back home to Kargyak late at night.


Chodon8th class


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