Another report from the Sun school again written by children

Since Zuzana and Petra left, we have studied with our teachers. There are three governmental teachers and four private teachers right at the moment. We study Maths, English, Hindi, Urdu, Bhodic, Social Science and General Science. Nobody lives at school. And there are no movies on Wednesdays. We have to clean our school every day and we also plant the new trees below and opposite the school.

This spring we also made a new flower bed outside the school and we are growing sun flowers there. We water them every day.

At school I study well and with Mme Tsomo we do a knitting workshop. We learnt how to knit socks, hats and gloves.

One Saturday we made a school picnic and we went to a neighbouring village. We played games there and had a little snack.

After coming back from Leh from Kalachakra, Zuzana and Petra also came to Kargyak and every day we are having a special workshop. 

The author of this article is ten - year old Dolma, a student from Kargyak, who wrote this report during summer computer course in the Sun school, while learning how to work with the text editor, 

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