Sun School awarded

As we have already informed you before, at the end of May 2016, Sun School in Kargyak was awarded a prize of International Children Art Exhibition Lidice. We would like to share this moment and proudly present the award. The photograps representing our school were taken in the village of Kargyak. Jan Tilinger, the head of Surya NGO and a passionate photographer himself, visited to the village, equiped with two INUX camera that were provided by the company CANON. He was working with two oldest students – Rangdol and Nidon whose main objective was to catch the images of village, school and its surroundings as they see them themselves. The photograps are displayed at the International Children Art Exhibition Lidice, on the 1st floor at Lidice Gallery until the 30th November 2016. We would like to thank to Anna Matoušková, Sunny Canadian School, and the CANON company without whose help the photograps would not be created.

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