Another week passed - time is rushing away (like yaks for the pasture)...


Another week passed. Everything in the school run smoothly and the winter has decided to turn on us with all its strength. The preschool kids have already managed to “fix” all toy cars and we can do nothing but mourn for the loss of these toys :) But also the preschoolers have already mastered the alphabet shouting it out every possible (and impossible) moment. And it’s the same with numbers. The kids are also doing just great messing around in colors. I found out an excellent instrument for teaching art. A kaleidoscope!!! It’s a nifty little gadget! The kids love it and so do I. That thing contains more than a zillon of that’s all from me about the art. The kids also got to like an improvised performances when they do not hesitate to carry out even the very dramatic and kind of rough scenes like simulation of trashing naughty children with stirring spoon. The second grade kids I lead to meditation. I would like to point out the great progress they’ve made - their concentration is better from day to day (as long as Rangdol do not monologuizes wildly moving his hands ardently).

I have also started to meet with older girls in the village - the major purpose of our little “sessions” is to share our knowledge and to educate each other. And also to share local news and chat a bit. I teach them to read, write and to know basic English phrases. They give me in return lessons of Zanskari and knitting. We always have a good time together and lot of fun...even though the knitting is especially hard fro me. I am unmercifully imprisoned between clews of wool and knitting needles having no idea what to do with them.

One day after school during the week I went for a short walk from the village towards the holy mountain - Gonborangjonu. What a beauty! It was one of those days when the sun forgets to rise and everything is somewhere between day and night. It wasn’t snowing but there were no sunshine or glittering snow either. Just strange, grey, calm and dull nothing. And I walked in this beautiful atmosphere “watching” the silence and the magnificent mountains around me. The hills were sprinkled with snow but only slightly so the shape of the mountains was still visible. These picturesque views complemented the strange weather perfectly and together they created very poetic atmosphere. I had a great time out there. The poetics of the moment was in the end ruined by the howling of wolves which was that loud that I couldn’t run away from it. But I think that this kind of disturbance just belongs here. So that was another week in Kargyak.

You have a great great time and so loooooong


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