I truly thank you all!

It sounds like a hollow cliche said by everyone at the Oscar ceremony but the truth is that the Sun School in Kargyak would not have had been realized without the dedicated and unselfish help of many many people in the Czech Republic as well as in Kargyak. The school would not have had been realized without boundless support from our friends and our families, without all those people who selflessly gave us a hand and also without the gods who rules the weather being on our side. Since the idea was born till nowadays there have been more then one hundred people who joined the Civic Association Surya either for a short period of time or they have stayed with us till nowadays. These people were (has been) working on PR, searching for volunteers, fund-raising, modification of the design of the building, the construction itself, logistics, exhibitions, visualizations, articles and translations, curriculum for the school, teaching and on about a zillion other things. Thousands of emails, tasks and problems have been sold and thousands of difficulties have been broken through.

We want to give our biggest thanks especially to Petr and Jindra Sýkora, Aida (Jaroslav Sklenář) who not only donated money but also arrived in Kargyak at the very right moment to help us with the glassing of the frontage. We thank to Markéta, Yiga and Láďa for the wonderful teaching they provided during summer, and to Láďa also for valuable and creative help with the constructional and social problems. Our thanks go also to Tennam for everything he did for the village. I cannot forget to mention Mr. Anupam Suri who was able to accommodate our demands for wood in an incredibly flexible way. I also want to thank to Pavel Blažek who took on a bunch of responsibilities that could not have been accomplished by the rest of the team from India. I would also like to acknowledge Petr Jandora who was at the construction 24/7 and whose immense knowledge of know-how was of great help, and to Ondra who put into operation probably the biggest solar power station in Zanskar. We all thank to the volunteers, many of whom worked on the construction from sunrise till sunset everyday. I want to express my thanks to Eva who has taken on one of the most difficult tasks - to take care of all those things which no one else has time to do, and to Jitka who carefully watches, rules and manages the finance. From the last year group I have to mention Jarmule and Sheila, and also Jindra for his help with the construction and last but not least Karel who helped us with the know-how of making the adobe bricks.

And again, I thank to all volunteers who are not named here but who were backbone of the whole thing and helped us to made it all happen.

But, if I say it’s all done, I’m talking only about the building itself because the most important and also the most complicated part of the project is still to come. In this building we still have to ensure permanent and year-round schooling of high quality. Till nowadays we’ve been providing teaching for almost 17 months which may seem as quite a long time but our goal is to have 8 fully functional classes - nursery, lower and higher preschool and than 5 grades of elementary school. Moreover, we would also like to ensure that our students will have a chance to go on with their studies on another school, ideally in the region so they would not lost contact with their families.

And that’s why I want to thank once more for their hard work to those who are still involved.


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