A letter from Lopsang

Julley Honza,
This is the first time when I write the letter to you and am very happy about that. Also I hope strongly that your family and Eva is having great health and doing everything well.

Thanks a lot for helping us with everything that concerns school and everything...

When I was in Phuktal with Pepa and Pyru I was praying very much for all of you who are helping us, thank you Honza.

If somehow possible, women in village would like to have more wool and machine so that to know more how to work with it and in the future to have more carpets and maybe also for selling them for turists. Old ladies are very interested in doing carpets, also from other villages so that to enjoy their lives more, to feel more creativity.

School is fine, before summer is coming, I will clean the area aroud school.

It will be great you come to Kargyak. People believe to Surya and to you Honza, and are very happy! With Pepa and Pyru we have good time and lot of fun without problems.

Maybe in the future will be great to build small building next to school for tools, kerosin, woods, yak shits... simply store room which could be very cheap. I have good friends, Nepali, we can do it also together with Pepa very fast in the summer. What do you thing about that?

Please reply before summer coming and before Pepa leaving. I would say this building would take less than one month with three Nepalies. Two Nepalis more than one month.

Many jullay to all of you!!!!!!


Lopsang is responsible for taking care of the school building. He does everything from small repairs to removing of the snow around the shool.

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