How toilet swalloved a dog

Zanskar, Kargyak, the mountains, school, children, puppies, yaks, we and even the sky are already dancing in the rhythm of spring!!!!! Everything is waking up into the life again, flowers are in bud....and that it was snowing only two days ago? Well, I did not notice....simply, the word snow has been deleted from my vocabulary! The spring air has indeed boosted some extra energy into the children who are being wilder than ever before. Fortunately, most of their energy is put into outdoor games. So, when afternoon break comes, we all play one typical Zanskari game and also kick the Table (something like hackysack) around. Frisbee is also quite popular, especially among teachers. Moreover, we were promised to be given lessons of cricket soon. That’s something for me! To stretch the body in the fresh spring air.

The villagers have been preparing for the upcoming contest in the archery in the past few days. It will be the last big event before the hard work on their fields begins. I am looking forward to try the bows and arrows so much even though the villagers have been trying to explain me politely that this contest concerns only men. But in vain! I’m not gonna miss that! I even quite enjoy myself with their effort to appear serious and over-polite while talking to me but in fact having hard time to hold their laughter. They just cannot imagine a girl holding a bow and arrow, it is for them such a ridiculous picture that it makes them laugh. But I think that this time they will see what they have never seen before...They have even started to prepare a special dancing costume for me to put me off archery and make me focus more on dancing, but, they do not know me that well yet!

The spring has also its negative side - not only the flowers returned to life but flu viruses did as well. We had only few children coming to school on Friday because the rest of them were ill. So, we prescribe them all tablets and ginger and try to persuade them to stay home. Pepa was also got down by this epidemic of flu. He could at least watch the teaching from bed which I believe might have been really interesting. As he is quite a warrior, he has almost won over the flu viruses.

We have also begun with the spring cleaning. Books are being shifted from one place to another and we are all happy with those little improvements. I also started to stain and paint the windows today. I can tell you that the corridor is now a different story...

Well, now I’ll try to describe to you the most interesting event of this week. The story can be titled: “How toilet swalloved a dog”. Our puppies grow day by day making us all really happy by their roguish tricks. That’s it as for the description of the first protagonist of the story. A small and cute puppy. The second protagonist is a toilet, or to be more specific, an earthcloset with the hole of the very size that fit precisely the puppy’s small body. And it is quite obvious that what is swallowed by the second protagonist is not to be returned. The meeting of both protagonist at the same time at the same place is a deadly combination. Yes, right guess! The puppy in his eageness to spend a warm night under our roof did not really make it and in the end had to spend night under quite a different “roof”. Under a layer of...well, of what is usually found in toilet... Luckily, the puppy was not happy about the situation and was doing its best to let us know about it. Quite loudly, I have to say, which warned us in time and thanks to immediate help of our great school keeper, Lopi, was the rescue action successful and quick. And what’s more, not only that the poor puppy had to spend night in toilet, it also had to go through another experience brought about by Pepa who used the very toilet during night. However he heard some sounds, he supposed they were coming from outside and therefore felt free to do what he came there for. I’m afraid that the poor puppy will never forget such an experience. Since that time we had hardly seen it around the school...

So, we are slowly moving towards the next week.


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