Judgement day (Soja biscuits feature)

Brighter ones of you have easily and quickly found out my good knowledge of one austrian action-movie actor and his portfolio of movies. Yes, I was 15 years old, when excited by action during watching the plots and flows of his movies in cinemas. Some of my friends were sitting by Atari playing the game called Fred in that time, some of them bravely with Tolstoj, Nietzsche, Capek, Patocka in their hands. Me, still almost having been packed in the mothers´nest, swimming in the action.

Has something left till now?
Kargyak. The Himalayas. Five months. Under very low temperatures, almost broken termometres. Oceans of snow. Time for reading Jan Patocka, Tomas Halik, Henry Kissinger,... . Tons of children´s staminas. 100km of walking only on the ice of the Zanskar river. Avalanches heard and seen. Regular reachings of local summits exceeding the magic level of 5000m. Drown in the Middle Ages. Yaks, stones that must be the prove of being in the "action Doms". Yes, there has something left. Action life of the supreme level has been allowed to me. Magistra vitae, teacher of life, she was for me Kargyak!

Soja biscuits with the typical Czech flavour, brought recently by my friends, ´am not only swollowing with a packing, but it also hinting me that something nice terminates, something new begins....

Dear visitors and regular readers of our web pages, let me say good bye for some time to arrange several private stuffs in India and Nepal. Thank you very much for your readings, comments on each report and sometimes very encouraging messages, which have a special miracle in this remote area. I also hope that my articles have managed to get you inside the local atmosphere and also in a little bit funny way disclosing many paradoxes of the life here.

Building of our school, children, teachers, villagers,...then all of us and everything has survived a severe winter time, psychically and physically, excellently, and that is why I would like to thank a lot also to all members of Surya association for the great job that they have been doing in Czech republic, because they too, although thousands of kilometres distant, from personal proximity, are credited with the success enormously.

Thank you Surya for this opportunity and good luck for a future!

A few important events has happened here recently, but that will be delivered to you already by Tiago, my successor.


Kargyak-Pepa ( Josef )

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