2 week report for web

The week starts with a gift to all students: new toothbrushes. The implementation of hygiene habits is gaining space, step by step, on students lives. The next steps, already under implementation, regards cleaning hands before eating or after using the toilet. It will take time, but slowly our efforts will make a difference. We've tried to create routines, that shown to be most effective way of transmitting new concepts and habits, and so every morning after school pray they brush their teeth, and before lunch they all go together wash their hands. Even tough we are already in the spring, Kargyak is still feeling the result of the long winter isolation. The two existing “shops” are now without any kind of product, and the gas at school already finish. This of course is not a serious problem as we have a backup stove working with kerosene. I am looking forward for all fresh supplies that Pepa and Pyru will send from Manali in a couple of weeks. Talking about the arrival of the spring, there are also arriving the first tourists. And guess what? They were from Czech Republic. A very nice group of 6 to whom we had the opportunity to offer a tea and talk about the Sun School Project. This week we also received the visit of the Inspector from the education department of Zanskar. He visit Kargyak to discuss the new governmental school building. Kargyak school aspires to be able to teach until the 8th year, and this is only possible due to the initiative of Surya to build the first building, and assure a quality education every day to the children. He took the opportunity to visit the school which made us very happy as he was very satisfied with the way the school was working. Something that fill us with proud. The villagers continue on their hard work on the fields, but this week they had extra work as they extend the fence (wall) where they keep the sheep's, lambs and goats over night. I was happy I could help them. It was a joyful (and also exhausting) exercise. Moving big stones, sometimes with the help of 8 arms contemporaneously, so imagine their size. Men and women working together, surrounded by the laughs and smiles of the children, distracted by playing with two small lambs. It is now snowing. The winter is stubborn and do not want to give space to Spring. But I am happy that is snowing. Strangely it produced that smell of wet land that you have when rains in summer. I am at the warm comfort of my tea, looking the noisy wind from window, that sometimes creates a cloud of dust that do not let you see more than 3 meters. All this while reading Immortality from Milan Kundera.

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