Dalai Lama's Birthday

This we we celebrated Dalai Lama's Birthday. More precisely on the Monday, 6th July we gave rest to the children, so they could enjoy and celebrate with their families this special day. Summer is definitely arriving. Kargyak tea shop is finally open, and we are starting to receive many visits of tourists curious about the school and Surya project. This visits load our strenghts, as they frequently congratulate us by the work being done, being many times surprise by the quality of education and facilities. Particularly we had two special visits from Czech Republic. Ondrej and family, that had already sponsored the project in Prague by acquiring some pictures from Kargyak in an auction and Kamila and friends, which was a volunteer here last year. It was very good to have their visit, as they could see with their own eyes how the school looks like and work. Apart from these the works on the playground continue, unfortunately with some delays, as many fathers had to go to Darcha to pickup their children, now on holidays from Manali High-school. But this is also a good sign. It means children here continue their studies, and thanks to the upgrade of the Kargyak school to middle-school, this forced separation (with its familiar and economic impacts) will be significantly reduced. All trees planted for this year. Water channels created to maximize the use of water and minimize the watering labor. Now is only really missing the grass on the playground. The Paintin demo (beautiful meadow) as they call it here. Ondrej arrived with the new wind generator. I cannot wait to see the wondering face of the children when they will see this new gadget. Time runs slowly, days become longer and the staminas of children do not stop to feed you with new energy.

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