So far the most intensive week! This is how I would define the last 10 days.

Ondrej, Martin, Martina and Ludik arrive in 2 weekends ago, with a new fresh enthusiasm, that can only be good with all the undergoing maintenance works. If you would visit the school during classes it would seem that nothing had change, but a few moments after, the school changes from its lively educational activity, with the children's energy, for a real working place where everyone is holding a screwdriver, brush, shovel, etc to make the school look better, with the standards that we think the students deserve. Also and thanks to Air Breeze we are now installing a wind power plant that may produce up to 200W, assuring that even during the cold and short days of winter, there will always be a light at the Sun School. The meadow in front of the school is finally finished after 3 days of work from the ama's (mothers), carrying grass from the river shores to the school playground. A real “paintin demo” (beautiful meadow) as the traditional songs says. To commemorate the end of the works, all ama's from the village invited us for a party at Dorge's place. Until late night, and after eating some delicious veg momos, we dance and sing all together almost has if the day had been passed without any effort. From doxa (the village nomad camp where yaks and sheep's stay during summer for grazing), news arrived of two attacks from wolfs and one from a snow leopard to the sheep's and a small yak. It was with surprise that I have learned that snow leopards are easily seen near the camp, on day light, without any fear from men (or more precisely women, as the camp is manage only by women). Now for all week, the students will be under exam. This is the mid term evaluation, which will provide very useful insights on their progress in the different issues. We are all confident of their success. Without being able to visit doxa camp, I content myself by reading the book “snow leopard” by Peter Matthiessen, still with the hope that I will see one before leaving Zanskar.

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