After a week of exams

After a week of exams it was time to give the children some extracurricular activities. And what better than a walk through the village to clean it. It was almost like a kind of competition between students to see who was able to collect more garbage. We can only hope that these type of actions slowly increase their awareness for not littering. We are confident it does. After we went to the river to clean the school carpets, and of course, these was the most amusing part. Not only because they responsibly clean the carpets, jumping directly to the melting snow cold water, but because it allowed them to have fun playing with the water, with the typical consequences of some of them ending with a fully “wet smile”. Pure fun. Finally the maintenance works are finished. Classrooms, doors and tables painted, shower built, and school clean. All of these could not been possible without the help of the volunteers that camed to give a hand. So many thanks to them! After all these works it was time to announce the children's exams results. And it was with great enthusiasm that we announced that all 29 students under exam were approved (with exception of one student that was absent of school for almost 6 months). These are very rewarding news, not only for the students but also for the school, demonstrating the good quality of the education provided. It was with even more satisfaction that you could witness to the award ceremony, where the best students of each class received a small gift. You could observe their faces of proud and joy by the achievement or disappointment in case they were no longer the best in the class. This is only a sign of their growing maturity, responsibility and enthusiasm with their studies. The award took place in the new playground in front of the school, with several parents from Kargyak and Shyn village as witnesses and with Sun Flower Foundation representatives attributing the prizes. It was with enormous pleasure that we received their visit, so they could experience personally the hard work being carried by the teachers and at the same time the incredible progress of the children. We cannot say else than thank you for the visit. And of course to document the dances and party that followed after the award, what better than children's perspective? Rangdol and Nydum (a boy and girl from 4th class) received a camera Canon Powershot A480, so they could record every single moment of this special day. Now, with the departure of Sun Flower Foundation visitors and volunteers, life is slowly returning to normal at the rhythm of the clouds that wing under the blue sky.

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