Yaks back in the village

During the time we have sent our last report, many things had happend. Furtunately children are still same. Today during the lunch break there was a water battle outside on the playground. Especially the oldest children were then sitting in their class wearing just the shirt what is unusual. Usualy they are wearing sweaters all the time, but now they have tried to get dry. Perhaps they will forget this kind of games till the frost will come. We start to use the anti-wart balm by some of the chidren wondering how it will work. Also we try to teach the kids the basic hygiene what is quite difficult mainly by the youngest ones. Hope in the improvement. Children are very skillfully especialy by climbing the stone and similar activities. All of them climb the big stone in front of the school and once they are on the top, they help to each other using the scarf to join them on the top. We just hope the scarf won´t rip... The weather makes the villagers qiute lucky, we have seen only few clouds during the time in Kargyak till now. On Sunday Doxa was coming to Kargyak. All the cattle was brought to the village so now plenty of yaks ans horses is grazing everywhere. Some of them we need to keep outside the terraces where they would like to try the taste of our new willows. Also the construction of the terraces itself is threaten by the yaks. Yaks don´t hesitate to cross the terrace downhill even the vertical parts. Lopsang has finished the mud plug above the window today so the school appearance gained more estetical values. The teachers have signed new contract which made us very happy because they are very nice and we don´t have to find the replacement. Tops left the village today taking holidays. Because of that we can use him also for the last shopping before the winter comes. We hope the weather conditions will be good for his back trip which we expect on the 20th of October. Till now our stay is, despite some small problems, very pleasant. We made only one day trek in the mountains because we had still what to do in the school, but to see the landscape worths. If the altitude won´t be so high, we could do more trekking, but even the villagers do not run at all. So that was from Kargyak, have a nice time, be healthy and like each other. Ondra and Jirka

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