If the gang of singing children with sacks in hands and scarfs on their mouths will rush at you during your journey in Ladakh, don´t be afraid, don´t run away, don´t give them your staff or money! Believe me, they don´t wont to rob you! Thats just the cleaning day in Kargyak. Lets explain the situation. Pempa (headmaster) talked to the children with usual strict voice last saturday but with high rised finger at the time: "Since Monday the final examination begins!!!" The children really knew about that so for that reason they went to the school with the nose sinked into the book for last days. And what Pempa said has happend. He put the schedule of examination on the first class´s window up and this place turn into a magnet for the children instead of the school timetable. Each of fourth classes and UKG took an exam of mathematics, english, hindi, bothi, social science and general studies. It was going swimmingly, we finished one day early. We solved an unexpected problem because our only one hindi teacher Topjor has staied in Delhi and we had nobody else who could arrange it. Fortunately one of governmental teachers came from Padum and retrieved the situation. Otherwise we don´t have good experience of them becouse usualy they are not willing to support the school in Kargyak. The exams are checked now and rewrote by Pempa in crazy forms which have to be inspected in Padum. Later on we are allowed to show it to the perents. Probably it will happend after holidays because the children are from far villages. So we can save one journey for the parents. And what about free Thursday? The best time for ceaning day! The children agreed (I´m not sure that it´s possible in Czech republic also), anyway they clean classrooms every day. The older students sweeped all floor in the school and dust carpets very quickly while the younger fought over rubbish´s sacks. When we pacified them, they cleaned environs of school and later village also. We took photos of each class and together this day also. It was very successful day. Today´s lessons we have compressed just till noon. The students from UKG, 1st and 2nd class have drawn i picture about yesterday´s cleaning day, the students form 3rd and 4th class with help of the teacher Yiga had created some sentences about importance of keeping their country clean. Well you can read it below. The holidays have started after the lunch and we hope that we will meet with the children on the 2nd of November. They should come in the traditional clothes and in company with their parents. They will take these warm clothes for all winter instead school uniforms. Julle!

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