Good morning from white Himalaya!

It began the celebration of Losar and sunny days came back. Villigers will visit their neighbours, eat and drink with them and celebrate the coming of new year. There is silence in the Sun school, children have holidays till 27th December. Some of the not local children left already on Monday, some of them stay at their relatives. The way is full of snow, it is very hard to go anywhere. We made the noticeboard with the older students. It is only the paper box covered with cloth. But we also started to make a calendar and the younger students draw portrets of all teachers, which are realy very funny. The oldest students are working on the presentation of the life in the valley. Already now it looks very good. Next new is the illustrated list of school rules for children, which we put up. The children have to respect the rules like to greet teachers, clean the toilet or close the front door. Wedding in Skiing! Of course we were there. At the first we negotiated the way, which was not easy because of snow. But there were somebody with more troubles. We met two drunk men and better to say they rather lay in the snow then they went. Well we helped them to the further house. It was donkeywork. Fortunately we caught the start of wedding. It was going on outside among houses. There was the groom in the middle of circle of people. He was hanged with ceremonial scarfs which are called katags. One man invoked the food and then everybody sang and cheer on the groom. After that they left to the house of bride. Some man sat us next by the groom. Actually he was very strange because he sat with the bowed head all the time. We thought that he is sad because of the bride. Still she was not there. we ate tsampa, potatoes and meat and were expacted what will go on. We counted more then fifty guests in the room. They were sitting, standing or something between this, but they were cheerfull all the time. The cchang was served naturally and hosts took care of full cups. Finally we waited to see the bride. They brought her crying from the neighbouring room. Well we were wondering her ceremonial cap at liest. It is decorated with many turquoises. This cap is passed on from generation to generation. But we didn't wait to see the smile of the bride and the groom. Actually it was not the wedding just only the engagement. The local people say that it is the most importen part of the wedding. After that everybody was singing and dancing till morning. we are looking forward the Christmas as at home with the expectation. We are going to visit the nearby monastery. It will take maybe two days and we are going to sleep at families of our students. We hope it will be good weather and we will be back in the school on Christmas. The sooner the better we wish you happy Christmas with love in your hearts. Jirka and Ondra

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