Monthly reports (only in English)

Monthly Report By: Penpa Subject: Science and Bhodhik Date of reporting: 01.12.2009-31.12.2009 First fifteen days of the month of December, I taught them general science and bhodhik subject from class U.K.G till class Vth. During that period we had done few chapters and from my notice, pupils also had good interested about what I taught them. For class fourth and fifth I also introduced few basics of Tibetan Buddhism and they loved to hear such things. Mid of December onwards we had about 12 days vacation for ladakhi Losar i.e. their new year. So the school remains holiday and all the students left for celebrating their new year to respective homes. During the long enough holidays I stay in kargyak for their losar and we were invited by every household. They offered lots of chang, arak and different traditional foods. I enjoyed it and even I did not know how my long holiday was finished. In a particular month, what I experienced the most was that too cold especially morning and late afternoon. Even then our school kids playing ice and snow sliding and I was amazed, how they coped in such extreme environment. We also get together for Christmas at school with the presence of Surya representatives and all kargyak villagers. The following day, Mr. Ondra and Mr.Jirka distributed their charismas gifts to all the students of the sun school. Along with this report I am sending you man good wishes to Mr. Honza, concern sponsors and all Surya team. May all your dreams come true and lots of happiness will occur in coming years. Happy new year… REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER BY. TENZIN YIGA DATED. 2nd JAN 2010 December here is a special month for the people of ladakh, since they are having their most auspicious day called the losar or the new year in the month of December. The school remained closed for about ten days due to losar. Due to which I was not able to teach them that much this month but somehow manage to finish a lesson or two to every classes. As about losar, it falls on the 29th of December in Tibetan lunar calendar. On 29th every families prepares a soup which they called nyenthuk or the sad soup which they drink in the death remembrance of one of the main founders of Buddhism. On the second day, people wash their self and clean their houses. They prepares a lot of fried bread for the losar. The third day is the beginning of the actual losar. It is said that before many years Tibetan and the ladakhi losar falls on the same date, but it got changed due to one of the king of ladakh called singe namgial who had to go for a battle and he decided to celebrate the ladakhi losar before. So its still like this nowadays. In the olden times they used to celebrate losar for about 15 days. But nowadays they celebrate losar for about 6 to 7 days. Here in zanskar they celebrate losar in different group each group containing three to four families. In every village there are two masked men appointed by the villagers who would visit every house just to wish a very happy losar. Villagers they visit each other house. As about me I was invited at every house. Was given lots of traditional food and lots of arak. The kids and the girls were dancing all the time. So, the ten days of holidays of losar was like that, being invited in the morning and getting back to home at midnight. Everybody in the village enjoyed the days and were now hoping for a very good and healthy year which I hope so. Om mani padme hun. REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER Topjor The month of december was a month filled with festive ceremonies and colours.It was the month where both the culture here greet each other for the chirstmass and the Losar.And it was also the month of progress and satisfaction in the academic field. If we evaluate the days,we spěnt about 20 days in our usual program.During which we finished three lessons of class (III,IV,V) which are stories emphasising moral values and nature oriented poems in both Hindi and English.From these lessons the student practiced reading and learnt new words.They also carried grammer related assingments. In Hindi the Vth class student learnt words which are in the form of noun and which can be transform into adjective and also learnt the usage of different sufix.For class IIIth the very co-incidence happened when we finished the lesson Merry Christmas just a week before Santa Clause climped down from the chimney.They enjoyed the brief story of Jesus Christ and sang the Santa Clause rhymes „“Jingle Bell“. The student from class III th learnt the very basic structure of the english and hindi grammer,which comes as noun and pronoun.In english they played with pronouns like (he his him,she her,they there,we our,this that,these those,you your) through differents means of assingments. The students from the lower classes(ukg,I) spent most of their time in playing with words related of alphabates.They also learnt to memorized thier meaning through pirtures.Beside these simple task they watched children related movies and play games.

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