How you can fly to Kargyak

06/01 everything is ready, well packed, Honza equipped us with a bottle of a "drinking disinfection" and now we are just looking forward to the departure. However our smile is getting stiff in the afternoon. We received a text message announcing that our flight had been cancelled. image And that´s the start of a crazy calling, clicking and re-reserving in which are involved several magicians. We are going to bed after midnight with an uncertain result. 07/01 one of our magicians conjured a new flight for us via Istambul. We are hurriedly saying bye to Honza´s family and that´s the beginning of our catching ride to the airport. London´s airport is "out of order" because of bad weather conditions and therefore Ruzyně airport from which we are flying is a real madhouse. Every counter is more than overcrowded. We have two hours to the departure, but we still need to print our new conjured ticket. Any fight with red, hours waiting English looks hopelessly, but thanks to a certain Petra we can reach our plane on time. However the flight is finally more that one hour delayed, so we are now trying to sort out whether we can catch our following flight from Istambul to Delhi. We are arriving to Turkey without any chance of catching the following flight, but in the hall we discovered that our plane to Delhi hadn´t taken off yet because of bad weather conditions in Delhi. On one side, we are happy, on the other side we have to say bye to our another following flight from Delhi to Leh. We are taking a seat in an airport restaurant with a smile of Mickey mouse and we are waiting. image 08/01 we are finally landing in Delhi. We are experiencing indian taxi and a close indian friendship during buying a new ticket to Leh. For this night, we found a shelter thanks to our friends from embassy. 09/01 Leh. Incredible! In a modest room of kind Kunzes we can easily forget the journey that brought us at the beginning of our trip to Kargyak. Himalayan giants are looking at us through the window, at night, we saw sky full of stars. Julé!

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