Puja and gigs from Kargyak

About pudja (puja) Our arrival to Kargyak is firmly joint with a certain pudja (or puja) that seems to control everything in the whole Zanskar valley by now. And as I didn´t know a lot about this celebration, I asked children from the 4th and 5th class to give me a better idea about the puja. A collective brainstorming resulted into following facts: Puja is in winter only, in January. Puja is a winter celebration that brings good luck. Puja brings good luck to cows and horses. Lama is coming to houses. Big lama is reading /sacred/ book, small lama is playing drums. Children from 2nd class should draw a picture on the same topic and all of them drew the Phuktal monastery from which lamas are coming to Kargyak. And lamas on every picture were accompanied by a dog and a flower, but I couldn´t obtain any more exact explication of this. However I hope that we explained you a bit more how looks a typical January in Kargyak. My Name is Lobzang Lungtok. I read in class seven. My father Name is Lobzang Tsering and my mother Name is Palden Yangzom.I have Three Sisters and one brother. My best subject is Social.I like Playing football.My Village Name is Kargyak.In Winter Their are very cold.My Favourite Food is Mok mok.This is make by Atta .In the inside of mok Mok we Put potato or meat.Then we put into boling Water.My Favourite Colour is Green.because I like plant.In winter i Play with Snow.In winter I am going to school.I Like school very Good. I Meet with new Teacher. - Sun School is Like a Temple. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME TENZIN NYIDON. My favourite teacher name is Martin. Martin is very good. Martin is a techeing very well. Martin has very nice moustache. --------------------------------------------- NAME SONAM CHODON. My favourite teacher is Pyru. Because she is making yoga and cook very much. My favouriter teacher is Pyru and Pepa. Because they were very much joking and playing -------------------------------------------- NAME TENZING SONAM. My favourite teacher is Pyru. Because she is joking. Because she is playing yoga very nice with us. Because she is dancing with us. ----------------------------------------------- We arrived to Kargyak not knowing anybody. For that reason aim of my first English lesson was to get to know names of my new pupils. The task given to them was to write a word for every letter of their name and then try to come up with a story containing every word they had invented. I would like to show you here some of the stories from the 4th and 5th class (smaller children were just drawing or modelling their invented words so it´s quite hard to transfer it here) : Name : (Stanzin) Deysal (B) (class 5) words : donkey, eye (ear), yak (young), sun, apple, lion story : Donkey´s eye is big and young. It needs sun and also it needs apples. Lion eats donkey. Name : Desal (class 4) words : dog, elephant, sun, apple, lion story : Dog is in the Kargyak village. Elephant has a big nose. Today sun is shinning. Apple is sweet. Lion is eating sheep. Name : Sonam (class 5) words : sun, apple, orange, mango, nest story : The sun is shinning. Orange is a sweet fruit. Then nest is nice and apple is good, but she is eating mango. Name : Tsomo (class 5) words : tiger, sun, orange, mango (meat), old story : Tiger is eating meat. He needs sun and he needs orange. He is old. Name : Nyidon (class 5) words: nest, yack, ice, dog, owl, nose story : Nest by birds. Yack beats birds and eats ice. Dog eats owl. This owl has a big nose. Name : Rangdol (class 5) words : rabbit, apple, nose, grass, dog, old, lion story : Rabbit looks at apple. She has big nose and she eats grass. Dog eats rabbit. Dog is old. Man eats cow. Name : Nordon (class 5) words : nest, orange, rat, dog, ox, nose story : Nest is big. Orange is sweet. Rat is small. Dog says bow-bow. Ox is tall and nose is big.

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