teachers reports by Tops and Penpa

Tops: There has been a steady improvement in the month of january on the subject Hindi and English.it was with this improvement that the students now speak and write these two subjects much better then before.these improvement has been seen mostly in understandning and reading of sentences.it was a huge leap of progress for them as there is no source of influence from where they can familiearize or practise thier knowledge on this two language. the very practised which we implemented in these two subjects is to learn how to speak ,read and understand.this is the very basic principle to learn any language in its easiest way.so every class from II till V followed this same rule during the month of january. In order to draw the students attention in this particuler skill they were assigned to read one short story in every week.along with it they were encouraged to out cast the difficult words.the students were regularly supported and helped by teachers for their understanding of the story.the student also practised hindi and english speaking every once a week with their class mates,during which they sometimes push thier limites by taking helps from their own local words..... Along with these practises they also followed their regular lessons in which they finished two lessons.through these lessons they learnt moral values,new words and grammer.the student showed great interest in grammer.the regular assingment which we gave them to do helps their confident flow smoothly in this section of english and hindi grammer.the very problem lies in the building of sentences which is very normal though at this stage of thier standard.the lack of word power and insufficient knowledge of tenses are the obstacle which lies ahead of them in this field.the very satisfaction which we got from these student is thier courage to stand up and ask and thier countless effort in thier studies... Penpa: During the month of January, we finished few chapters from their mathematics and Bhoudhik textbooks. From class kindergarten to five, they all learnt something new from their textbooks as well as some general knowledge from the teacher. We had class, except Sundays and second Saturdays in the whole days in the month of January. I also took few tests from what I taught them in a particular month. Except few of them, all other students they did a satisfactory work. But what I realized that some of them are poor in their performance for a study is that there is completely lacking for their parents attention in the home. Seems to be their parent's responsibility hugely lacking for their kids educations. Most of time kids are spending their time with parent. So their role is extremely important. Till now it's lacking. I am trying my best to solve this problem by sending messages and if I meet them I am always telling them about it. I hope it will change in the better way very soon. In a particular month, there was not any national holiday or local festivals. Villagers were very much busy for reading scriptures and yearly puja in their homes. They invited us for cup of tea in every home and it was interesting that we can only enjoy their unique cultural and beliefs. In the particular month, our kids main amusements during their free times were sliding on the ice, watching some movies, playing crickets on the very tiny rood which covered by ice. I was quite busy in my last month for giving tuition to those students who are studying at Raru School and on long winter holiday. I taught them Bhoudhik and general science from class three to eight about two hours every day except Sundays and second Saturday. I hope they learn something good and helpful for them from my teaching. Most of the days in the month of January are quite warm and not that much strong wind. We all had quite wonderful time and kids also learnt many new things.

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