Monthly Reports by teachers Penpa and Tops

Monthly Report Period of reporting: 01.02.2010-28.02.2010 Date of reporting: 28.02.2010 Subject Teacher: Penpa In the month of February, about fourteen days we had experienced very cold and had very rare sun's heat. During that days even inside of the class room there was bits cold. Fortunately cold season is gradually finishing and we are waiting for the summer's season. During the month of February, I taught two subjects from class U.K.G. to class five. The subjects are Math and Bhuodhik. We able to covered few chapters from their individual text books. Good news is that their interest and learning power is increasing month by month. Beside from their text book chapters, we did revisions on what we learnt before. I took few small tests on what we learnt till now also. Taking test often is very important for them, so that they cannot forget what they learnt before. I spent few hours in a day for free tuition to those students who are studying in Raru shool and on winter holiday. I taught them General Science and Tibetan language from class four to eight. I hope they learnt something from what I taught them for last three and half months. In the month of February, we had a week holiday for the Phukthar monastery yearly religious festival. They were so many local peoples as well as we are wanted to visited there, but because of the very cold snowy weather we could not. At the same time our Tibetan new year falls on the same days, we celebrated it for three days and we had quite wonderful time. Almost all the villagers visited in our small room with white scarves and local wine i.e. chang in local name. Ladahki New Year celebrated in the month of November in every year, actually both Tibetan and Ladhaki New Year falls on the same days in many years before. But while they are celebrating before than Tibetan New Year about fifteen days, every evening, all the kids had gathered at community hall for reciting mantran manai. They liked to gather even it was so cold there. I like very much about the way their sense of the importance towards religion Buddhism. Same time all the fathers were also gathered for about twenty days in every evening for manai. Buddhism beliefs that the first month from lunar calendar is considered to be very auspicious month and villagers also called it religious month. There is little lacking of their parents attention towards the kids education. I requested to many of the parents that please look after your kid's studies while they are in the homes. Parents are supposed to be first teacher for them, most of the time kids are spending their time with parents. If our kids get the full attention for their education by the parents, then I am sure that their level of knowledge will change into the better way much faster. In the month of February, we had very good students attendance to the school and the number of absent was nil. Which shows that they interest on their study is improved and they gained more knowledge. I hope that they will get the opportunity to study till reach their destination. All the students who are studying in this school are very grateful to all those who are sponsoring for their studies and behalf of all the students of the sun school for Kargyak, I would like to thank all those concern sponsors for the running successfully of this school. Monthly Report Period of reporting: 01.02.2010-28.02.2010 Date of reporting: 28.02.2010 Subject Teacher: Tops During the month of February we continued the same procedure of teaching which we had started in the month of January. Though there has been some improvement mainly in the field of reading and understanding beside that the improvement was microscopic. Along with that we finished three lessons from our regular course of education. The lower classes which comprise I, II finished one lesson in which they learnt some simple synonym and antonym words and also some new words. The student from these classes finished a moral story in which they wrote answers from the given questions in order to understand the lessons better. Along with it they learnt some new Hindi rhymes. As in the higher classes the student pushed their way with great effort into the grammar section. After finished learning the types of present tense {English} during the month of January they continued their work in past tense in the month of February. With a regular assignment of making sentences from these tense, their improvement is visible. In the month of February they learnt the types of past tense and the correct way of applicating them. Along with that they practiced reading stories and learnt many new words from them in both Hindi and English. To improve their spelling the students were assigned to memorize every important words from their lessons and from the stories as after which we dictate every words. In Hindi the student performed reading stories and memorized poems and also carried grammar assignment relating to adjective. They learnt the different way of building adjective words by putting specific suffix on words of noun.

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